Overseas Boat Sales

Purchasing a boat from another Country

Do you need to pay in a different currency?

TorFX are a leading currency exchange and international payments specialist that act as an alternative to the traditional banking method for transferring money overseas.

With offices around the world, TorFX are able to provide more competitive exchange rates than the major banks and financial institutions.

– Fast and free transfers

– Safe & Secure

– 24/7 online trading platform

– Personal account manager

– Regulated by ASIC & AUSTRAC

– No bank fees or charges

TorFX have assisted a number of our clients buying and selling boats from New Zealand, Asia and Europe and The USA.

They offer a dedicated personal account manager to each of our clients who can guide you through the transfer process, keep you up to date on the Australian Dollar and answer any questions that you may have.

Spot Transfers (Transfer your payment instantly)

TorFX can secure you the most competitive exchange rate available for immediate settlement of your purchase.

Forward Contracts (Ideal for paying over your 90 day invoice time frame)

Forward contracts can be particularly useful for our clients when paying for their boat within a 90 day time frame. A forward allows can allow you to fix a rate in advance, giving you far greater flexibility and security against any fluctuations in the market that could see your dream boat cost you more than you had budgeted for.

Torfx - Oversea Currency Exchange for Boats