Maritimo Sales Process is cruising!

A year after its instigation, luxury cruiser manufacturer has confirmed their new Customer Relationship and Sales Management system has proven extremely successful and will be continued for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Greg Haines, Marketing Manager, believes the system is working well.  “Our Maritimo dealers and consultants throughout Australia and New Zealand have the assurance that their clients are receiving the best customer care possible, and our people are right up to date with the latest information and knowledge across our whole product range,” he said.

“The individual dealers or consultants then take back the responsibility of assisting and caring for our customers once they have taken delivery of their vessels and return to their home destinations.

After a twelve month trial, we have certainty that the new system is a vast improvement on the old way we did things, and it means that customers and the dealers or consultants they purchase through, have peace of mind and get the very best experience possible.”

Integral to the success of the new system has been the appointment of Ormonde Britton as Maritimo Australasian Sales Manager. His factory located dealership works with customers, and the Maritimo representatives they purchased through, to deliver the streamlined purchase and manufacturing process for all buyers in Australia and New Zealand.

Ormonde believes the system is already providing benefits to our customers, with Maritimo purchasers in Australia and New Zealand ‘guided and managed through the process’ by the factory linked dealership Maritimo Sales Australia.

“As an example I spent several hours this week with a couple who have purchased an M65, working our way through their build list and discussing the various systems and elements of their new boat,” said Britton.

The Maritimo representatives throughout Australia and New Zealand will always remain a crucial part of the company’s overall marketing process. The support Maritimo and the Maritimo Sales Australia team will give to them will be invaluable.